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Professional Development

The UNMSC program offers professional development opportunities through monthly workshops, fall and spring semester credit-bearing classes, quarterly trainings, and our annual symposium events. These opportunities center on our main program areas; Community Health Justice, Educational Justice, and Racial and Economic Justice. All of these program areas are infused with an anti-racism lens which allows students to expand their understanding of the historical, systemic and interpersonal racial dynamics that impact and construct these topics. The purpose of all of our professional development is to provide our Corps members with the knowledge, perspective and skills to work within under-resourced communities of color. Our professional development model is based on Paulo Freire’s Praxis model which involves knowledge, action, and reflection. All professional development sessions are engaging, hands on and educational. Past sessions have included:

Fall 2015

UNIV 175 Economic Justice
UNIV 391 Immigration Community Research
UNIV 391 Antiracism: Community Health
EDUC 493 Teacher Corps- Community-Based

Spring 2015

UNIV 175 Seminar: Antiracism-Community Based Health
UNIV 391 Antiracism-Community Based Research
EDUC 493 Teacher Corps Reflective
NATV 450/UNIV 175 Community Engagement and Leadership

Fall 2014

UNIV 175 Antiracism Global Community – Community Based Research
UNIV 391 Antiracism: Community Health
EDUC 493 TeacherCorps Community-Based

Spring 2014

UNIV 175: Community Health
UNIV.175 Community Based Antiracist Education
UNIV. 175 Leadership for Community Capacity Building
UNIV. 391 (im)migration Equity
EDUC 493 T: Teacher Corps Reflective

Fall 2013

UNIV 175: Community Health
UNIV 175: Leadership for Community Capacity Building
UNIV 391Economic Justice
UNIV 391 Immigration
UNIV. 391 Research for Community Capacity Building

Spring 2013

UNIV 175: Community Health
EDUC 493 T: Teacher Corps Seminar

Fall 2012

UNIV 175: Community Health
EDUC 493 T: Teacher Corps Seminar

Spring 2012

UNIV 175: Community Health
UNIV. 175 Food and Community Learning
ECON 395 Financial Literacy Service Corps
OLIT 493 Critical Dialogue with the Albuquerque Community

Fall 2011

UNIV 175: Community Health
NATV. 109 Indigenous Leadership
UNIV. 175 Community Learning

Spring 2011

UNIV 175: Community Health

Fall 2010

UNIV 175: Community Health
UNIV. 175 Community Schools
UNIV. 175 Community Learning

Spring 2010

UNIV 175: Community Health
OLIT 493 UNM Service Corps-1
UNIV. 175 Community Schools Corps

Fall 2009

UNIV 175: Community Health
OLIT 493 UNM Service Corps-1

Spring 2009

UNIV 175: Community Health
OLIT 493 UNM Service Corps-2

Fall 2008

OLIT 493 UNM Service Corps-1

May 2, 2015
Decolonize our Diets Celebration/UNMSC Racial Justice Presentations

The last workshop of the 2014-2015 school year highlights the research, education and experience of UNMSC members engaged in CEC courses. This year we will theme our gathering of decolonizing our diets with the aims of celebrating our vital cultural knowledge of food.

April 18, 2015
First Annual Dream Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP) Educators Summit

The theme for our 1st annual Dream Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP) Educators Summit is to be a Proud UndocuAlly Educator. This first summit is designed to highlight and discuss how systems of institutional oppression intersects and impacts the quality and access of educational opportunities for undocumented students at local, state, and national levels
Dream Team, through the DEEP Center has as a goal to educate families, students and educators about immigrant rights and opportunities. The purpose of the DEEP Center is to promote and develop self-empowerment and self-advocacy for undocumented students through self-identity. Also, we build leadership development and civic engagement by embracing values of collaboration and organizing. Dream Team has noticed through DEEP Center that many teachers and administrators are not equipped on how to work with undocumented immigrant students. This 1st Annual Dream Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP) Educators Summit “Be a Proud UndocuAlly Educator” intends to provide educators with information on how to assist undocumented students in their institutions.

March 6, 2015
Theater of Hope Workshop

Our March workshop was educational, fun and engaging! We focused on anti-racism by having a dialogue about the four levels of racism which include, systemic, institutional, interpersonal and internalized. In order to deepen the learning and be fully engaged with these topics, we adopted skits from Race Forward’s anti-racism training curriculum that touched on these levels of racism in realistic, fun scenarios that are similar to daily occurrences. The intention of the workshop was to generate a feeling of empowerment towards addressing the everyday interactions in a way that dismantles oppressive relationships. These activities aligned with our goals of creating critical thinking and reflection among our corps members. The UNMSC team had a lot of fun with this workshop and enhanced our understanding of how to recognize racism and oppression within various contexts.

February 7, 2015
Community Learning: Methods for Social Movement Organizing

Our February 7th workshop was hosted at the African-American Performing Arts Center (AAPAC) and focused social movements within a historical context. Our panel speakers included Vernon Butler from UNM’s Peace Studies department, Dr. David Correia, UNM Associate Professor in American Studies and police brutality activist, and a student ambassador from the MLK Commission. Specifically, we discussed issues of police brutality, the systemic murder of Michael Brown and many other innocent Black men, as well as the #blacklivesmatter movement. In addition we did an art-activism activity to learn about creative and powerful ways that art can be used to engage community voices for various causes and to spread awareness about social justice issues. Students also were able to visit AAPAC’s museum that showcased the often hidden legacy of the African-American experience within New Mexico.

January 17, 2015
MLK Workshop

The UNMSC January workshop centered on the legacy of the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our Corps member attended the Albuquerque Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. March which was hosted by the New Mexico State MLK Commission. The march ended at the Albuquerque Civic Center where we met with other youth groups and organizations that work for social justice causes. Later, we proceeded with our educational piece of the workshop. Going beyond the popular images and messages of the civil rights movement, we focused our discussion on intersectionality-the recognition that multiple identities impact levels of oppression and that one “ism” cannot be studied separately from another. We watched a video on the history of sexism and gender representation within the Civil Rights Movement in order to understand that even within racial justice causes, oppression of other identities can still occur. We engaged in impactful dialogue about our own multiple identities and reflected on what we learned.

Previous Workshops

November 2014
Theme: Community Health

October 2014
Theme: Community Learning

September 6, 2014
Theme: Welcome Back Retreat

March 28, 2014
Theme: Food of Oppression

May 3, 2013
Theme: Looking Back & Moving Forward

April 5, 2013
Theme: Anti-Racism

March 8, 2013
Theme: Civic Engagement

December 7, 2012
Theme: CEC Ideology, Philosophy and Initiatives

November 2, 2012 
Theme: Critical Media Literacy & Digital Expression

October 5, 2012
Theme: Food Insecurity

September 9, 2012 
Theme: Essentials of Expression

February 21-24, 2012
Theme: National Impact Conference

January 25, 2012
Theme: Civic Engagement & Community Organizing

4th Annual CEC/PNMGC Symposium- December 2, 2014

Education Justice: Rethinking the Purpose of Education This event was designed to highlight the social determinants of education in our nation, and discuss how multiple systems of institutional oppression impact the quality and access of educational opportunities for marginalized communities at local, state and national levels.
This event provided students, educators, community members and community leaders with a space to showcase their projects, work, and achievements as well as to network with like-minded people. The symposium also worked to affirm and motivate the social justice work that our community is passionate about.

Impact Conference National Conference-February 21-24, 2013

Hosted by the UNM-Community Engagement Center, the Impact conference is the largest annual conference focused on the civic engagement of college students in community service, service-learning, community-based research, advocacy and other forms of social action. Workshop tracks included: Building and Enhancing Community Service Programs
Administrators and Faculty; Alternative Break Programs; AmeriCorps/National Service/Year of Service Programs; Issues and Advocacy; Leadership and Professional Skills; Life After College/Recent Graduate; Service Learning; Spirituality/Faith and Service

3rd Annual Symposium- December 6, 2013

Hand in Hand: Community learning and community health- students and community for transformational change

2nd Annual Symposium-December 2, 2011

Community as Text: Community leader’s faculty and students dialogue on critical issues including education immigration and health

1st Annual Symposium- December 3, 2010

Bringing Community Together: Showcase of the accomplishments focused around community health, community schools and literacy, tribal service corps, youth development, community sustainability and development.

Scheduled trainings will vary depending upon the availability of students, community partners and staff.