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...on Community

It was a huge blessing, having UNMSC members. Without them it would not be possible to get things done at Encuentro. This helps will expand our impact in NM and the CEC is doing something very important. - Executive Director, Encuentro 

CEC is aligned to our long term vision that is to provide leadership development for students that are first generation to attend higher education and have a low social economic status, New Mexico needs leaders that come from each community and understand the barriers, challenges but also the potential that patients have in the community that they serve. - Staff, Centro Savila 

Casa de Salud and UNMSC are aligned to provide community leadership development to students of color in the health field. The idea of CdS to invest in these UNMSC members is to keep them practicing in their communities when they finish their professional preparation. - Staff, Casa de Salud Family Medical Clinic 

Without a doubt LPI could not and would not have had or have the impact on our most desperate population in the state of New Mexico. We have received almost a quarter of a million dollars of in-kind service. It’s major. We would not be where we are without CEC. - Director, La Plazita Institute 

UNM Service Corps members can bring their experiences to help build their own communities. Recruiting from New Mexico helps build the leadership roles of the young people coming up in New Mexico rather than train others who will move away. - Staff, Explora 

You have done a wonderful job to engage the students in community, so they get to see needs, which are best seen in interacting. We know you are in it for the long haul with deep work to make change at the individual and systems level. - Staff, Native American Community Academy 

I have had the pleasure of having two members placed at Dragon Farm over the past few years. Both of the Service Corps members have developed into young leaders. UNMSC training programs help build leadership skills and instill a socially conscious work ethic in the Service Corps members. - Staff, Dragon Farms, South Valley Academy 

The components of UNMSC provide emotional, financial, and academic support to help students succeed and accomplish their goals for themselves and their families. Serving the population of first generation students of color from New Mexico is imperative to improve the lives of all New Mexicans.  - TeacherCorps Faculty

This past summer we were able to give away 109 pounds of fresh veggies and fruit to students and families. In addition, the service members are doing at Kirtland creates a huge impact in our children’s’ eating habits. - Support Staff, Food Corps New Mexico at Kirtland Elementary School 

New Mexico will be benefited by having these young adults serving in our communities. It gives our students hope for the future to know that it is possible to go to college because they see the service members as role models - Staff, Kirtland Elementary 

UNMSC is enormously helpful for organizations with a limited budget, and helps us build a much more effective connection to the community and provide a stronger set of services to our stakeholders. - Director, South Valley Economic Development Center 

...on Students

Graduation & Retention - Our data shows that the UNMSC experience provides students the opportunity to explore careers, discover a reason to study and graduate as they find purpose in their work. One sample study of a UNMSC cohort shows a graduation rate of 52.2% withing 4.5 years, with 37.6% of that cohort who were still in school. Thus 89.8% have graduated or are still in school

Careers after college - UNM students explore careers through apprenticeships. All students have robust resumes which includes real world experiences in New Mexico's communities and membership in AmeriCorps, a nationally recognized network. Every year a number of UNMSC alumni are hired by non-profits and community based organizations across the state.

Leadership & Mentorship - UNMSC members have strong peer support from the CEC interns and CEC graduate assistants. Additionally, they receive mentorship from community-based site leaders, faculty and campus partners.

Examples of students

"The UNMSC Bonner Program has not only pushed me in terms of professional and leadership development but also al-lowed for networking opportunities with students and organizations across the U.S. I was able to strongly tie in my academics to my Bonner projects which made the experience deeper and more rewarding." - Christina Romero

"The leadership experience I have gained through the program has provided me the opportunity to explore my interests in the fields of social justice and policy. As a Bonner Intern, I have participated in the creation of student government reso-lutions, program creation, and leadership development. Academically, the Bonner Leader Program continues to show me the connections between what I am learn-ing in my courses at UNM to how those lessons can be seen and applied in a real-world setting. I can honestly say that without the UNMSC Bonner Leader Program I would be on a much different path than the one I am on today." - Daniel Marzec

"The Service Corps offered an opportunity that enabled me to travel and to grow. It provided a tremendous opportunity for me to work in different locations to gain new experiences, and to push myself further. What was key was figuring out different strategies to work with the community instead of for the community." - Joaquin Arguello

"I was able to learn more about my own culture. This experience gave me a sense of identity." - Amanda Barka

"This program should be required for all teachers. I have had a holistic education experience because of the Service Corps, and now I know more about issues in the communities." - Stephanie Montoya

"The Service Corps really helps you ask yourself, “Am I really passionate about my major and my work?” - Mayra Acosta

"Working with UNM Service Corps positively affected the way I interact with communities. It’s helped me to understand how to be able to create trust and work together with community members to accomplish our goals. I can use what I’ve learned with UNMSC throughout my life, doing advocacy work." - Christopher Smith-Lopez

"This experience was probably the most valuable college experience I have had." - Vanessa Apodaca

"The knowledge I gained from working has helped me develop stronger leadership skills and qualities that I will use for the rest of my life." - Lucy Valenzuela

Selected Impacts and Outcomes

  • The UNM-CEC has leveraged more than $1.4 million in scholarships for over 800 university aged students at UNM and CNM
  • The UNM Service Corps have provided over 600,000 hours of service to New Mexico's communities. 
  • UNM-CEC annually provides more than $130,000 in scholarships for students who are involved in community engagement. Most are first generation college students of color who have mantained an average GPA of 3.5.
  • UNM-CEC creates employment opportunities for the 150 UNM Service Corps. The opportunity provides approximately $9,000 per year for each student. This equates to more than $6.4 million for the 150 students to provide service, earn a living wage and scholarships all while staying successfully engaged within their higher education.
  • Over 40 community based organizations have a long term partnership with UNM through CEC, where most would give testimony to the vital role UNMSC play in their impact in the community.
  • CEC provides over 10 community engagement courses a year, providing critical pedagogy and civic engagement opportunities for students beyond UNMSC.